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Embarking on a New Adventure: Welcome to Roots + Roost

With nearly two decades of experience in the field of education (yes, you read that right!), I found myself at a pivotal moment in life. The call for a fresh venture beckoned, spurred by the realization that my 40-something age bracket was ripe for new experiences. I yearned to explore the beauty of small-town America, savor the precious moments with my family, and embrace a more flexible way of life. The question loomed: What could I dive into that would rekindle my passion and align with my evolving priorities?

I embarked on a soul-searching journey, guided by a checklist colored with the wisdom of a former teacher (yes, that’s me). I sought something that would tick all the boxes:

  1. A Labor of Love: I craved a pursuit that would bring me sheer joy, something I could happily do every single day. They say, “Do what you love, and you won’t work a day in your life,” right?
  2. A Passport to New Adventures: The travel bug had bitten me hard, and I yearned to explore new places and connect with people from all walks of life. My adventurous spirit was ready to take flight, and I was willing to go just about anywhere—my ma always said I’d go with the devil if he’d offered me a ride!
  3. Flexibility to Cherish Moments: Flexibility was key. I wanted the freedom to indulge in the precious moments with my family, whether it was joining my kids’ school field trips, indulging in lunch and shopping with the ladies, or simply being more present.
As I pondered these criteria, I couldn’t help but notice the recurring theme in my life—antiques and thrift stores. It was my sanctuary when I had time to spare, a place where I found joy even if I didn’t stumble upon a hidden gem. Alternatively, you might catch me at home, sipping on coffee (or wine, or a margarita—no preferences here), leafing through monthly home magazines, exploring renovations, experimenting with new color palettes, staying updated on decorating trends, and delighting in recipes. It brought me immense happiness.

These escapades to stores, salvage yards, fairs, and markets had a transformative power—they transported me to new locales and introduced me to kindred spirits. It was even better when shared with friends or one of my kids. I even had a cherished list of antique fairs and markets I’d been keeping, hoping for a reason to explore them—travel aspirations were certainly in check!

Creating a workspace by decluttering the garage allowed me to work from the comfort of my own home. Finding a store that welcomed me to consign my lovingly recreated treasures, as opposed to the high-pressure world of maintaining a booth, allowed me to ease into this venture gracefully. It minimized stress and provided ample time for learning. I could now meticulously schedule my workdays, seize travel opportunities, and retain control over the pace and extent of my new “roost.” Flexibility—check!

Taking old, cherished pieces and breathing new life into them became my creative mission. It was a way to honor not only my family’s Roots but yours as well. I reveled in the process of giving these treasures a fresh purpose, a new home, whether in your Roost or mine. I saw the potential to involve my friends and family in these treasure hunts, whether in my hometown or yours. Hence, the birth of ‘Roots + Roost.’

Welcome to my new little roost. I invite you to visit again and join me on this exciting journey of discovery and transformation.