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A long bed truck and a paintbrush

(well, I don’t have the long bed yet)

But what I do have are access to vehicles, a trusty dolly, and the unwavering support of my husband and two strapping young boys. Together, we embark on missions to haul my newfound treasures into my garage—a post-estate sale, antique fair, or consignment shop ritual.

And then the magic begins. Cleaning, measuring, sanding—a symphony of restoration unfolds. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s a process that calls for deep contemplation. I’ll conjure a sketch of an idea, but I must let it marinate. Will high gloss truly enhance this piece? Can I justify the expense of that exquisite fabric to adorn the chair’s seat, knowing full well it won’t yield a return on investment but loving it all the same? Perhaps a touch of cow print material, or should I dive into the world of chalk paint?

For me, envisioning the new life a piece can lead is second nature. What’s more challenging is finding that perfect someone who will not only purchase it but also continue its story. Will they cherish it as much as I have, honoring it with a fresh chapter?

So, I’m curious—how do you go about selling your own creations? Share your insights and experiences!