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Roots & Roost, Co.

Where The Past Makes The Perfect Present

Exploring America's Rich Heritage:
A Unique Antique Store and the Stories Behind Restored Furniture

1015 Lincoln Avenue
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
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Tales from a Girl, a Truck & a Trailer:
Traveling the Wide Open Spaces


Our recent move to Colorado has introduced me to new antique and thrift-store venues to explore! I often have my 12-year-old daughter in tow with me. She has a fun eye–though her taste in art pieces has a ways to go–think horses printed on glass with blue atmospheric streaks. Thrifting is a game, and it can be a gamble. Do I buy this because it will do, or do I hope to find something closer to what I want at the next venue? If I come back, will this still be here?!

While I still mourn the hide Marlboro Man coat I lost or the dresser that would have been perfect for my baby boy’s nursery, this is part of the game, the thrill of the find!

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