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Furniture Restoration & Décor Services

Are you deeply attached to a piece of your personal history but struggling to incorporate it into your living space and lifestyle?

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Embrace Your Roots

Your roots hold the key to a unique story—a tale of individuals, eras, and meaningful events. Allow me to assist you in the heartwarming process of reintroducing these cherished pieces into your home and life.
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Our Restoration Services Include:

  • Refinishing Furniture to Match Your Décor Preferences: Revive your treasured furniture items according to your distinct style and taste.

  • Repurposing Beloved Heirlooms for Your Lifestyle: Transform your cherished possessions into functional pieces that seamlessly fit your everyday life.

  • Convenient Pick-up and On-Site Services: Based in Routt County, Colorado, we offer the flexibility of both pick-up and on-site restoration, depending on your location and needs.

Let's bring your family history back to life within the cozy confines of your own roost.

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