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About Mary Beth

Hello, there! I wear many hats – wife, mom, and a self-proclaimed ‘junker’ with an unshakable love for flare pants. Originally hailing from Chicago, I ventured out west after meeting a Northern Californian man, and we’ve recently put down roots in Northwest Colorado, where we’re embracing the exciting journey of farm life.

This website serves as my cozy little retreat, a contrast to my bustling ‘board + nail roost’ shared with my husband, three kids, a black lab, a barn cat, and a menagerie of other farm animals. With over two decades of experience in education, I decided to embark on a new adventure a few years ago, rediscovering my cherished hobby of hunting for treasures at garage sales and flea markets. Thanks to my Nannie’s influence, I’ve developed a passion for seeking out great deals, even if I don’t necessarily need the items!

Join me on this creative journey through the world of junk hunting, garage sailing, and the art of turning something old into something new. I’ve discovered that preserving the past, even if it belonged to someone else, can be a lot more fascinating and enjoyable than starting from scratch. Afterall, the past makes the perfect present!

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Learn More About My Work Here

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