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Antiquing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"The Mountains are Calling and I must GO" - John Muir

Our summer vacation took us to Steamboat Springs, Colorado! While we were busy with everyone’s favorite outdoor pastimes, I stumbled upon a hidden gem of a restaurant in the charming town of Hayden, just a scenic 30-minute drive from Steamboat.

The Granary, much like the renowned Magnolia Silos, boasts an array of delights: a delectable restaurant, a heavenly bakery, locally crafted ice cream, and an exquisite meeting space that doubles as a dance hall. But that’s not all—inside this treasure trove of wonders lies an antique haven aptly named, you guessed it, The Find.

"I'm quite certain that this red velvet chair belongs in some corner of my life..."

Steamboat Springs, with its summer splendor, offered an abundance of activities to fill our days. This marked our second summer excursion to this enchanting destination. The rivers, swollen from a record-breaking snowfall and generous rainfall, beckoned us to embark on a thrilling rafting expedition down the Yampa River, right in the heart of town. We ventured to the mesmerizing Fish Creek Falls for a hike, tried our hand at fly-fishing, attended the exhilarating Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo, enjoyed toboggan slides, and even tried our skills at trap shooting—each adventure finding its rightful place on our ever-growing “to-do list.”

We once again found ourselves in the company of our beloved cattle ranching friends at Saddleback Ridge, where we savored a horseback ride and a hearty dinner at the ranch’s rustic hunting lodge. Last year, we ventured into the world of cattle driving—an experience that left me convinced we worked hard enough to warrant a paycheck from them, rather than the other way around! #walklikeacowgirl

Stay tuned for more tales from our love affair with Steamboat. There’s no doubt that this enchanting place will continue to capture our hearts.

Moments like these are treasures that warm a mother's heart.