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Round Top Antique Show

Round Top, Texas

Every year, the quaint town of Round Top, Texas (population around 90) and its neighboring towns of Carmine, LaGrange, and Warrenton, warmly welcome over a hundred thousand visitors (predominantly women) for an unparalleled antique hunting experience. This event is the Round Top Antique Show, an 11-mile stretch of dealers showcasing their treasures in antique barns, tents, storefronts, and markets. Dealers come from across the country, many having participated for years. These 10-day extravaganzas occur twice a year—in the fall and spring—with a shorter 4-day winter show. The entire region, including towns between Round Top and Houston or Austin (the nearest major cities to fly into), buzzes with excitement during these weeks as they highlight their own unique spots for antique hunting. 

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Fifth Trip to Round Top

This was my fifth trip to Round Top for the spring show. Each visit is unique with different friends, accommodations, and shopping goals. This year, I was shopping for clients and my store, and it was such fun! I went with just one friend, Kirstie, who also owns an antique/retail store in Craig, CO, called The Find (which also features a wine bar and a gourmet cheese & charcuterie counter). Since there were only two of us, I was excited to explore new experiences that I hadn’t tried in previous visits with larger groups.

First Stop—H.E.B. 

First stop— H.E.B. Kirstie insisted we stop here for food. She said it was unlike any other store, and she was right! It’s like Walmart, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s combined, and you can sample wine! This will be a must-stop for me whenever I’m near one!

Second Stop—Bastrop, TX

Our route took us through Bastrop after H.E.B., and it was too charming to pass by. The town has great shopping, wine bars, restaurants, and art galleries. I was particularly taken by a snail sculpture that would be adorable in my front yard, though it costs as much as a car! 🙁

Third Stop—Royers Café Wine Dinner

Royers Café is a Round Top staple, known for its southern home cooking and pies you’ll want to ship home. During the Antique Shows, they take reservations, often starting on a specific release date, which means calling non-stop until you get through. It’s worth it! This year, we were in town for a wine dinner with Caymus wines at the famous Zapp Hall. The food was amazing, the wine was plentiful, and the atmosphere was lively with fellow show-goers and dealers. It was a fantastic way to kick off the week!

Time for the Hunt

Starting the week is less crowded than the final weekend, which is popular for girls’ weekends, the Junk Gypsy Prom (still want to attend this), and other festive events like live music, pop-ups, and celebrity sightings.  Some of the memorable things I saw…

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